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I’ve been using your product for about 5-7 years now and what’s amazing is that every time I have a dentist appointment, both the hygienists and dentists say, “Wow, you really have nice, white teeth” Who does them for you (dentist, laser, $300+ whitening, etc)?” Thanks and once again, it’s nice to have a product/service that does what it says and doesn’t cost a fortune.

B.H., Osprey, FL

I love your product!! Thank you. Excellent product! Through the years I have always promoted your product to others who have also used it. Thank you Plus White.

Y.H., Ewing Twp, NJ

I love Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Gel, I have been using Plus White since I was fifteen years old and now I am fifty. For 35 years many people have noticed how beautifully white my teeth are and I’m asked several times a week from people I meet what do I use. I love sharing the best product out on the market that is inexpensive, very little time consuming and you see the results in a few weeks. My Mom is now using Plus White at the age of 69 because her teeth are darkening due to drinking tea and with aging. We love your product and we love our white teeth, thank you so much!

A.B., Virginia Beach, VA

I just wanted to tell you that I just love your product. It is the best toothpaste I have ever used. I am a smoker and get terrible stains on my teeth from the tobacco and your toothpaste is the only one I have found that removes these stains. My favorite it is the Plus White with peroxide. I have tried all the store bought brands out there and your product is the only one that works well for me.

Vivien M., Albuqurque, NM

I have been using Plus White products for the past few years and have never had better results. I use the 5 minute Speed Whitening System at least 2-3 times per week and I use the Xtra Whitening Toothpaste two times a day. I’m always receiving compliments about how white my smile is and I tell them I use Plus White products. They’re affordable and show excellent results! Before discovering Plus White, I used professional whitening agents from my dentist which don’t even compare to Plus White. The professional whiteners would irritate my gums where I don’t have that problem with Plus White. I would recommend Plus White to anybody looking to whiten their smile!

BIG Smiles,

Beth C., Appleton, WI

I have been using your product for some time with complete satisfaction. Recently I was told "You have such beautiful white teeth for your age. What do you do?" I told her I use Plus White 5 minute Whitener. She asked me what dentist I went to. I told her I purchased the product at my local drug store. With that, she said, "Thank you so much! I'm going to buy that!" I am so satisfied with your product and find myself smiling quite often.

M.C. Canton, OH

Thank you for your Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel. You have a life time customer!

Danny, KY.

I have never written about a product that I use until now. I just want to say that I love your Plus White 5 minute Bleach Whitening Gel. I have been using it for several years and… I continue to get many compliments on my white teeth… I believe I could be the poster girl for this product as my teeth look like I had them professionally whitened. So thanks again for this terrific product.

DH, Pond Eddy, NY

Wanted to let you know how much I love your 5 Minute Bleach… It works every bit as good as the expensive brands, but fits into our budget easier…

Thanks for a great product…


This product Plus White has been great for me. It is better than whitening strips or solution costing more money. I have recommended (it) to 24 people who ask how I get my teeth so white. PS My wife works for a dental office and she uses it also.

Ron M.
Hudson, NC

I have been using Plus White for two weeks and already recognize a big difference in the color of my teeth. This is an excellent product and I have recommended it to many other people. Thank you Plus White for whitening my teeth and letting me smile more.

Brian P.
St. Louis, MO

Prior to using Plus White I had to go to (the) dentist two times per year for (a) cleaning. Now I only go to (the) dentist one time per year. On visiting my dentist 5-3-10 the cleaning time was very short. They wanted to know what I was using. I told them Plus White.

Richard M.
Kokomo, IN

I am writing to express my delight in plus white 5 minute tooth care. I was leery because the product was so much less expensive than the others. BUT WOW I am thrilled with the results. I have told everyone I know about it and several have switched from other brands after seeing the results I got.

Thank you for this product.

Deana H.
West Palm Beach, FL

How nice to see that there are still some companies left that stand behind their products and back it up with prompt and appropriate actions. I have my own company… and my first rule of thumb that I teach my employees is that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your company seems to play by those rules too.

Thanks again.
Eric B.
Sylva, NC

I have used Plus+White the coffee drinkers' toothpaste, for years. It really works just like the label says "removes stains fast", I wouldn't be without it. I am now 55 years old, smoke, drink coffee and etc. Plus+White removes all my stains. Making my teeth whiter than ever before. I have a natural yellow tint to my teeth; using Plus+White over the years has lightened the tint, making my teeth whiter and sparkle. I had tried other whiteners, the expensive strips, and several others that I was throwing my money away on, before finding Plus+White. I wouldn’t leave home without it. WOW, I am so blessed to have finally found a toothpaste that works (as the label describes), not as expensive as other whiteners. Please, please don't quit making Plus+White.

Penny R.
Knoxville, IA

I have been using Plus White for years and could not imagine life without it! I am a heavy smoker and coffee drinker. EVERYONE asks me how I get my teeth so white. When taking pictures, the funny thing is, my teeth stand out above everything else! I am constantly referring people to Plus White. I have even been asked if I had veneers put on. I can proudly say I have not! This product is outstanding!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Jerry P
Bristol, TN

I was looking at some advertisements for the top-rated teeth whitening products and was surprised to find that your product was not listed. Most of the products were in the hundreds of dollars price-range and I was amused that I am paying under $10 for Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Gel and have had great results.

I started using Plus White when I noticed my teeth were beginning to appear dingy. It took me about 2 weeks and I could not believe how white they became. My friends were asking me if I just had them whitened at the dentist! I work at a job where I greet people all day and I have had several compliments on my teeth from complete strangers.

Once I reached my desired whiteness, I stopped using it daily and now I use it about twice a week just to maintain the whiteness.

I recommend Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Gel to anyone who is considering teeth whitening.

Great product!
Christy R.

I’m writing this letter to let you know that I love your product, Plus White Teeth Whitener Gel, and I prefer it over Rembrandt. You can see the bleaching power start bubbling and working almost instantly.

Thanks for making such a great product that anyone can afford, unlike the bleaching gel sold by professionals.

Thanks again!
Debbie F., Texas

I just wanted you to know that the Coffee Drinker’s Toothpaste is wonderful. I had my teeth whitened by my dentist and he said I would have to do this every year. It has been three years and they are still white, thanks to this toothpaste.

Thanks again.
G. Lerman, Ohio

I have noticed a visible whitening of my teeth for a fraction of the price of the Whitening Strips.

M Vogel

I am not a smoker, but I am a coffee drinker. Possibly three to five mugs daily. Until I tried your product, PLUS WHITE, nothing has helped me.

My teeth always looked dirty. (Unless my dentist professionally cleaned them.) Recently he wanted me to undergo a whitening treatment for $100 to $200. I refused. Instead I went to K-Mart and bought PLUS WHITE and after a week my daughter noticed the difference.

I have used it for about a month now, twice a day, and I am completely satisfied with it. Thanks.

I’m SO happy to have found this product…because I will not give up my coffee!

Yours truly,
Fran M., Florida

I smoked for 15 years, and have since quit for 16 months!  I recently noticed your, PLUS WHITE XTRA Whitening for tobacco, coffee and wine. I can’t tell you how pleased I am and have truly noticed a huge difference in the color of my teeth.

Thank you for a wonderful product.
Amber Y.

Last night I purchased your product for the first time, and I was completely amazed with the results!

My teeth were stained very badly from sodas, coffee and tobacco.  I have been using two other types of toothpaste, and neither have done any good removing the stains.  Within minutes of using your toothpaste, the stains were coming right off. My teeth have never felt so clean in my life! They feel like they were professionally polished by a hygienist.

I am so satisfied with PLUS WHITE that I will never buy another kind of toothpaste again. I am hooked for life.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product that really works and costs so little.

Heather W., Florida

I wanted to tell your company how very pleased I am with your product, PLUS WHITE Tooth Whitening Gel. Within days of starting to use it, there was a noticeable difference, which has increased in the four weeks since then.

It is easy and pleasant-to-use, economical and – best of all – works!

Thank you for my brighter smile.

Very sincerely,
Marie P., Maine

I just returned from a visit to the dentist’s office.  My dental hygienist is very happy, thanks to your product, and so am I!  With each visit she worries and frets about the dark stains that collect on my teeth around the gum line.

After my last visit I switched to Plus White Whitening Toothpaste. After six months, I returned for a routine cleaning and my hygienist was amazed at how few stains were on my teeth. The cleaning procedure was fast and easy!

Thank you for supplying a product that prevents stains as it cleans and is reasonably priced.

Becki G., Oklahoma